simple angel food cake french toast

5 May

As I’m sitting here typing this, I found myself repeatedly sniffing the air, muttering “What in the g.d. hell is that smell? Did the baby go again?!”

And then I remembered: Oh. Oh ya. It’s probably the cabbage leaves. The cabbage leaves on my boobs.

IMG_6082 IMG_6080 IMG_6079

Let’s see if you can guess what ibuprofen, vitamin B6, ace bandages, sports bras x2, Spongebob Squarepants ice packs, and cabbage leaves all have in common? Oh, and leftover percoset from my c-section? I’ll just tell you. They’re all urban legends in what is supposed to be the cure-all for my extreme pain (I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying has echoed through the house all week) from weaning off pumping. Nothing works. I’ll just tell you that. Only time is the cure. In the meantime, you and I have to walk around with lopsided engorgement.

I texted my mom a pic of my boobs last week and captioned, “If I die tomorrow, it’s because I’ve spontaneously combusted.”

She replied, “Then stay away from gas stoves.”

IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6086

What?! I get no empathy from anyone around here. Even the doctor’s only diagnoses is “Daaaammmmmmn.”

It’s been a week of pure emotional, hormonal hell for me this last week – this week of bidding adieu to my beloved (not beloved) breast pump.

Today’s the first day in 7 mornings when I haven’t woken up, hovered over as though I’m holding an imaginary beach ball. I can’t count the number of times this week I’ve said to the hubs and kids, “DO NOT TOUCH ME.”

What better way to celebrate this easing of pain milestone for me than to make some french toast?

Yesterday I saw that Angel Food Cake was BUY 1 GET ONE FREE and I knew it was about damn time I made my version of what I saw here.

IMG_6088 IMG_6090 IMG_6091

I’ve been on a French toast kick lately, rotating between my banana bread and German pancake making, and I’ve learned the best trick for me is to simply dunk the bread (or angel food cake in this cake) so it coats all the sides. DO NOT LET SIT AND GET ALL SOGGY. In my  obsessive-manner, I count 5 seconds on each side, then count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 taps to let any excess drip off.

Also use butter on the pan. Lots of delicious unsalted butter. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER with non-stick cookspray because that’s just defeating the whole point of breakfast.
IMG_6092 IMG_6094 IMG_6096

So, here’s the recipe I’ve come up with based off past experiences.

I’m gonna go shower now because I smell like a carnie. And my hair smells like bacon. And I’m sure I’ve got syrup dribbled down my chin.
IMG_6098 IMG_6100 IMG_6101

Here’s hoping next week I can give you a hug.

simple angel food cake french toast (adapted from FOOD52 French toast and How Sweet Eats’)

1 store-bought angel food cake
3 large eggs
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon cinnamon sugar
unsalted butter

Gently remove the cake from the tin. Using a serated knife, slice cake into eight pieces.
Whisk eggs, heavy cream, and cinnamon sugar until smooth. In the meantime, heat a griddle on medium heat and use about 2-3 tablespoons unsalted butter to coat the griddle.

Dip the angel food cake in the egg mixture on all sides, just until coated. Be sure not to let soak or it will get too soggy. Let excess egg mixture drip off and place on pre-heated griddle.

Whereas with usual French toast, you just have 2 sides to cook, but with this angel food cake, there will be three sides you need to flip over to cook (about 90 seconds per side). We don’t want any raw parts!

Serve with dusted powdered sugar, maple syrup, fruit salad, and bacon on the side and you’re sure to have a kickass week.

Serves 4, 2 pieces per person. If that’s not enough, be sure to buy 2 cakes from the store, especially when it’s BOGO SEASON!




One Response to “simple angel food cake french toast”

  1. Summer May 6, 2013 at 11:43 am #

    I (un)happily pumped for my baby and when I slowly stopped I figured the engorgement and pain wouldn’t be too bad or last too long. WRONG! It took weeks for those suckers to go down and the pain to subside. I understand about the no hugging too. Can this small gesture possibly be any more painful?!? Anyway, this angel food cake french toast looks amazing!

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